• Five Ways You Can Boost Your Productivity This Week

    Ready for a productive week? Here are our 5 tips to set you in the right direction for the week ahead. 

  • 3 TIMES YOU NEED TO SHEET MASK Find out exactly when to use a Sheet Mask.

    Sheet masks are like a tall glass of water for your skin. They provide a concentrated dose of nourishing ingredients that can be used to boost your current skincare regimen. By giving your skin an additional dose of active ingredients, sheet masks will help you get the results you are looking for.

  • THE NEW WORKING NORM (For now... at least)

    Today, more than ever we are looking for ways to stay in. To stay home for the safety of others. It has been a rough start to 2020 and there is no...
  • Something for everyone

    Ready for your latest accessories splurge without the huge price tags? Here is a snippet of what we have and a guide to making the best decisions when it comes to buying your next pair of earrings!
  • Sustainability Mission with Life in the Sun

    Hi all!  Welcome to our LIFE IN THE SUN DIARY, where we document and talk about all things that inspire us here at LIFE IN THE SUN Studio. This bl...
  • A few steps for a mindful shift...

    Some easy steps to leading a clearer mind. 
    Because Self- love is a revolution. 

    A blog post by @olganinah 
  • Home by My Store Design Guru...

    If you read our last blog post, written a few weeks before the finish line (a.k.a, wedding and renovation completion), the good news is... WE MADE ...
  • A busy start to the year + an update on the my store duo antics!

    Sometimes it can feel a little crazy sharing so much of our lives with all of our clients / friends/ new customers and my store followers! At My Store, the use of the word 'MY' really personifies our business and all that we stand for. An update from Steph, three weeks away from the wedding and a whole lot going on! 
  • Odisya, seen on Elle Ferguson and loved by all.

    It's not everyday you meet a woman who gets you. Who understand the way you think and who's business is so well aligned with ours. Meet Odisya, We ...
  • Reviving interiors and furnishings one piece at a time.

    An Interior Digest by the founders of My Store Sydney. Mixing old with new and finding your homes personality.

    Being avid lovers of the label, Eb & Ive lifestyle is a beautiful range the looks after what we wear, our homes, our lifestyle and the extra d...

    You see, we understand all things adventure but we also know what it takes to create the comforts of home within any given space; and that’s quality wares, made with attention to detail – that aren’t like anything else that’s available.

    So that explains it. Indulge, and enjoy. 

    Love, Steph