Collection: GERRY CAN

Gerry Can Swim & Active is a combination of a passion for timeless accountability and high fashion. With a combination of magazine clippings from the 80's and 90's, as well as referencing our creative backgrounds, we strive to make pieces that will last a lifetime.

With our lives spent at the beach, our swim line was created to provide women with pieces that accentuate their curves, maximize comfort and boost confidence in any way possible. Starting with seamless finishes and swimsuits made of our signature quick dry compression Lycra. 

From Brazilian cuts, iconic high cuts and plunging necklines our pieces are the epitome of luxury modern swimwear. 

With one half of our duo having a career as a personal trainer, our activewear is revived from the patterns of her designs brainstormed in the 80's and 90's where she would sell her pieces while training clients. 

Our design duo both studying design in two separate eras take their ideas and are always looking to innovate in the field.  
We are a lifestyle brand and love creating for like-minded people.

From early sketches, to seeing our pieces on sweaty legs and sunburned buns, we are surrounded by inspiration and passion.

Gerrycan is a tribute to our late grandfather who lived a surfing, carefree, yet hardworking life. We live through his notions in our label and make honest Australian pieces for all over the world. 

We are inspired by our travels, and in emulating our active lifestyle in pieces that can be worn all day long and transform one’s confidence in self.

We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we are in love with building a luxury lifestyle label,