Five Ways You Can Boost Your Productivity This Week

Five Ways You Can Boost Your Productivity This Week

Ready for a productive week? Here are our 5 tips to set you in the right direction for the week ahead. 


1. Identify Your Top Three Priorities Daily

The first thing you should do is identify your top three priorities for each day - otherwise known as your MIT’s (most important tasks). They can be big or small, but not matter what they must be completed in order to stay on top of your deadlines. I usually identify mine the evening before so I know what my day is going to look like and always feel mentally prepared when I wake up the next morning. However, you can also make this your priority when you first get to the office or your workspace. 

* TIP: Focus on one thing at a time & avoid multitasking *


2. Master the To-Do List

When you are feeling stressed, stop, refocus and re-organise your workload. For me, I jot down every single thing I need to do and re-prioritise my workload in a methodical way utilising a to-do list. This allows me to re-assess and put everything into perspective, immediately reducing my stress levels. What do you need to get done and what do you want to get done? There is a big difference. Once you know the answer to this question - it’s simple. Start your to-do list with your MIT’s (mentioned above), followed by any other tasks you’re hoping to complete. Create realistic deadlines for each task and if any are able to be appropriately delegated, do so. 

Work through your to-do list methodically and repeat this process daily.

* TIP: Break bigger tasks into smaller pieces *

3. Don’t Procrastinate 

That’s right! Facebook, Instagram, no matter what your guilty procrastination ‘go-to’ is, it’s all got to go! Simply put your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent, knuckle down and whip through your work and deadlines. You can spend as much time as you like on your phone in the evenings when you are relaxing.


4. Know Your Peak Times

It’s also important to make the most of your ‘peak’ times when you are feeling the most energetic, fresh & motivated. For most people this is first thing in the morning, however everyone is slightly different. Make sure you utilise these ‘peak’ times to power through your to-do-list, focusing on your most important tasks first.

* TIP: Take breaks when you need to & don't feel guilty about it. These breaks will help you fill the tank & recharge *


5. Utilise Alarms or Time Blocking

Always running late or terrible at time blocking & staying on track? Utilise alarms on your phone to keep you on schedule. When you are running through your to-do list in the morning, set aside 5 minutes to set any reminders or alarms or to time block your day. Make sure you don't over commit & over estimate rather than under estimate. 

* TIP: Get better at saying “no” *



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