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Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman Book

Misty Copeland by Gregg Delman Book

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With a top selling children's book and a successful autobiography, Misty is no stranger to the world of publishing. But this is the first authorized coffee table volume to feature portraits and close-ups of Misty's glamor and physique, which is the inspired combination that turned her into an overnight celebrity through her featured role in an award-winning Under Armour ad campaign. Misty Copeland will appeal to her now worldwide audience in addition to dancers, photography and art lovers, and those who appreciate the art and sculpture of a beautiful body.

The first authorized photographic tribute to the prolific and wildly inspiring ballerina, Misty Copeland. These unique and evocative artful color photographs by the celebrated photographer Gregg Delman, capture Misty's grace and strength, and are much anticipated by the worldwide audience who can't get enough of Misty. 

About the Authors

Misty Copeland is a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre.

Gregg Delman is an award-winning photographer who lives in New York City.
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