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Kissed Earth- Brain Elixir 150 g

Kissed Earth- Brain Elixir 150 g

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Enhance Mental Performance

NEW LOOK, same great formula with LION'S MANE MUSHROOM & BOTANICALS 

Experience the calm and clear sense of wellbeing created by this unique blend of mushrooms and herbs. We have handpicked these ingredients to elevate your mind, enhance focus and boost your mood, helping you to power through your day.  

Find clarity and focus with our dynamic blend of nootropic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Crafted with Lion’s mane mushroom nootropic for its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting qualities, our Brain Elixir can help improve your mood, brain function and support your immune system. Our formula harmoniously blends with other natural botanical extracts to nourish your mind and bring a sense of balance.

Mushrooms and tonic herbs have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries for their powerful medicinal properties. Each offers a unique set of healing benefits that can transform the mind, body and spirit. Known as 'adaptogens', our mushrooms work to increase the resistance to physical, environmental, biological and emotional stress. 

May support 

  • Cognitive function
  • Nervous system
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Blood circulation
  • Tolerance to stress
  • Immunity
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