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Drapery Natural Beaded Medium size boho chandelier

Drapery Natural Beaded Medium size boho chandelier

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One of our newest designs, a gorgeous indoor light for any home. 

    A truly exceptional beaded chandelier finished in black, raw cream and white.

    Orders may take up to 4 weeks if your item has sold out in store.

    Black Beading 

    A bespoke, handmade piece for the home. 

    To customise please email us, available in more colours. 


    Stock Arrival 
    You can expect your order to be packed and prepared in one of our international warehouses within a week. This may take longer if a sale has been particularly busy. 

    Order Packed 
    At this point, your order has been handed over to our carrier for delivery to your door. 

    Track events may take up to a week to register in some cases once your order has been dispatched. Domestic deliveries will generally take up to five business days while international delivery can take up to ten business days. 

    • Please note pre orders take up to 2 weeks to be fulfilled. 
      Due to the handmade nature, and the high volume of these pieces designer pieces, if you order a piece which has been sold out in stores, we will have to have these remade and once this has occurred we will send you an email with tracking information. 
      Once ordered and made we do not provide refunds. 

      All of our items are handmade and vary with colour, natural markings and treatments. We do not offer refunds on items that are damaged in transit as we do all that we can to have them arrive perfectly. 

      If there are any markings on our items these are part of the character and design. They are natural products and are made by hand so each one will vary slightly. 
      Please note shipping charges will be calculated after purchase as courier charges depend on destination.
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