Reviving interiors and furnishings one piece at a time.

Reviving interiors and furnishings one piece at a time.

We all inherent pieces from one place or another. Are you ever left looking at some pieces and think, where did this one even come from? 
Over the passed year the both of us have been in de-clutter mode. From never having moved homes, de-cluttering is almost by far one of the most important things to do. 

Luckily for us, it has also helped us appreciate new pieces in new ways. 

Our beautiful homes are a combination of past memories, our travels, our family history and work as maps of our lives and how we go to the day we live today. 
Here are our seven heavenly tips for those who find the pieces that are on the boarder of 'garage sale pile' and 'this may be cool'. 
For some time, when we aren't at work running My Store Sydney, we have been running and inspiring and stretching the definition of 'Vintage' in creating ways that we can create new and mix in with 'old' artefacts. 

1. Know its worth 
When we are looking at items in the home, sometimes we jump the gun to throw, when really there could be some serious value in it. Recently i went on a gumtree rampage and was ready to throw out just about anything in site for a fresh new look in the home. Because i do own a homewares store with many suppliers, i am always so guilty of the odd splurge and revamp more often than not. 
I found that i needed an occasional chair yet, i was about to throw one out. 
If you need something, re look at what you have, you will be pleasantly surprised (hopefully). 

2. Look at it for what it is

A chair is a chair is a chair. This is generally a rule of thumb that you should also always try to apply. What you have, may be way better than what you had expected. Don't be scared to renovate your furniture like you will renovate spaces! 

3. Don't get emotionally attached 

By far the most important but something that is the hardest! That flora from your grandma's house in the 80's? You probably don't need it! The wicker furniture from her 70's set up... lets get working on that. 

4. Think of the endless possibilities 

A little bit of art deco and a whole lot of beauty. These beautiful art deco sunroom doors from a council clean up were picked up, sanded, painted and reourposed as a facade of our indoor outdooor room at home. Style with some beautiful Kindred & Co. cushions to bring it to life. 

5. Colour 
We always say a good neautral base makes for ease of styling and design. For us, a white, neutral or black is always superb. Here are a few of our Dulux favourites that are coloured but refined, and just as beautiful. 

6. Form and Function 
Form and function are the two rules that we learnt at Design school. Here it goes in the most simply and worthy way possible. If it can be used, if it's comfortable, or if you can see yourself or your family using it if it's highlighted and given a new chance at life then go for it. The form is beautiful, can be enhanced and the function is there? This piece qualifies. Doesn't need to be huge. Start with re purposing old silver tea pots for make up brush holders. The possibilities are endless. 

7. Placing it in the correct setting

An interior designer, in fact any one in the design industry, will tell you that the location of items and the story telling of all of them, help us understand relationships of thing and space and the story, significance and so fourth. 
A good way to do this is with grouping items of similar matter. 
In this little ensemble seen on our vintage inspired instagram @sydneyvintagemoda_ you will see that our pieces act as a memoir. 


All in all, when it comes to your home. You know better than anyone, the capabilities of your pieces, get the most out of them and mix the old with the new and we promise, you'll have a very unique space full of detail and personality which is hard to find! 


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