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We first came across Pony Rider a few years back and it was a beautiful fabric banner that caught our attention. As our store and range continues to grow and our interiors continue to get better and better, we love this beautiful, refined, hearty brand based in Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

We really love the emotion that comes along with making a house a home. 
As i prepare my gift registry for my upcoming wedding, I have really taken on the approach of 'hearty, quality and all round natural and beautiful'. If you're like us, you won't hesitate to get a few of their pieces (or all) because they are really the epitome of comfort, luxury and understated really really good design. 

Read a little about their ethos and my ramble will make a whole lot of sense: 

At Pony Rider, we believe in the original, we believe in quality and we believe in using the best each and everyday. We are dedicated to creating product that inspires great adventure, connects community and evokes 'home' - wherever your adventure may lead you.

We’re a tight knit creative team inspired by the outdoors, motivated by our community and dedicated to equipping our Pony Rider tribe with customised homewares that will evoke ‘home’ - wherever they go. You see, we understand all things adventure but we also know what it takes to create the comforts of home within any given space; and that’s quality wares, made with attention to detail – that aren’t like anything else that’s available.

So that explains it. Indulge, and enjoy. 

Love, Steph 


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