Home by My Store Design Guru...

Home by My Store Design Guru...

If you read our last blog post, written a few weeks before the finish line (a.k.a, wedding and renovation completion), the good news is... WE MADE IT! It was all done and dusted, and we really, truly worked day and night to get this two storey apartment ready for move in day. 

The previous blog post features some before shots that, quite frankly, i love looking at because it shows how far we have come. Everyday this place is evolving and changing... that's what happens when you work in the design world and your mum has a store full of the best homewares, furnishings and unique/ bespoke pieces. Note: Our mega beaded chandelier making a statement and sitting pretty waiting for accompanying art work. 

The contrast in this apartment and the monochromatic palette with playful pops of colour make way for an enjoyable first home! 

Guest bedroom by: Laidback Lee Design- Stephanie Harmat
Note: Artwork Supplied by us! (want these guys?
... shoot us an email: info@mystoresydney.com)

Because the coffee table game is like dressing up for your favourite party, but this one is for you and all your nearest and dearest to enjoy! 

The Signature My Store Touch, A hint of tribal/ coastal with use of our beautiful beaded neck stand hanging beautifully on the wall for some major art inspo! 

To Finish... We all know we are obsessed with the mono palette by now. 
By utilising and collaborating with brands we love... Kim Soo Cushion + Neon Republic Neon sign used at the wedding - repurposed as our favourite night light above our bed! 

We did it, and here's your little reminder, you can do anything you put your mind too (not cliché, just true) 

My Store Duo x
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