Finding our own niche in the market.

Finding our own niche in the market.

After 4 years of running our side hustle ( Gerrycan Active + Swim) for our beautiful tribe of women, we've also spent 15 years in a store where our tweens are always longing for some super cute apparel for the 'inbetween age'. 
I think we can all relate, being 12 can be hard. I remember year 6 was a tricky time. I wanted to feel nutured and protected by mum ( always) but i also wanted to be independent, i wanted mum to buy me clothes but i wanted to pick them by myself. I wanted to rummage through ladies clothing stores for size xxs and i wanted to a mini 20 year old. 

After manufacturing our own activewear for years now, and having a cousin who fits smack bang in the middle of this age group, i thought, you know what! Lets do it! 

We have developed 'Gerrycan Kid' on a mission to create some pretty awesome activewear for this tender, awkward and beautiful time in these ladies lives! 

Yep, its all about self love and girl power... why wouldn't it be! 
Obsessed? After spending a sunday shooting these pieces with Antonia i was convinced these prints should be for EVERYBODY! 

We hope you love our stuff. 

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