A busy start to the year + an update on the my store duo antics!

A busy start to the year + an update on the my store duo antics!

An update from Steph! Here we are friends: 
Sometimes it can feel a little crazy sharing so much of our lives with all of our clients / friends/ new customers and my store followers! At My Store, the use of the word 'MY' really personifies our business and all that we stand for. We have been running on coffee for breakfast, coffee for lunch and occasionally having time for dinner after work! As many of you may know by now, I am three weeks away from my wedding and golly gosh have things ramped up. I recently i took a screenshot of my countdown app in disbelief! 

Mum (Olga) and I, have been working full time, speaking to vendors at all hours, styling the table settings, working on our wholesale pages, running the web store and dragging our companion/ sidekick and superstar Eva to come in and help us in the madness. To add to it all... 
Here i am 5 weeks before my wedding in the midst of purchasing our first property, completely diving into the reno world and so out of our depths but with some naive smiles on our faces! 

I got stuck in, starting with ripping up some nasty 80's blue carpet that smelt like a dirty pub (haha but help!) and also dragging the whole family into the reno! 

Yep, this is a snippet of it all. 

We have been working after hours and all throught the night to sand, paint, lay new ceilings suspended from our new roof... No kitchen a few weeks out. Just a little snippet i say! 

In amongst the reno/ work madness i took a friday night out of my chaos and spent the night in at home making 200 beautiful hand poured candles for our bombinere and listening to Florence and the machine on my parents record player. It was total bliss and reminded me how important each day is leading up to the wedding. In this whole process ( mind you i am still in it) i realised that i need to take time to breathe, to take it all in and to be grateful for all the help that we are lucky enough to have. 

Lets cross our fingers and toes that our reno finishes itself before the wedding so we can have a moment of pure bliss and celebration. In the meantime... Here is a snippet of our gorgeous Luxe Wedding to be had! 

Signing off for now, and having a well needed coffee! If you're lucky enough to be on the blog, drop in and show our ladies some love in store. In the midst of this madness, we have continued to bring you some amazing items in store with new arrivals and displays for you to enjoy! 
When we get back from our honeymoon, ill be dedicating a gorgeous array of images of our new first home filled with amazing homewares from our store! 
Stay tuned, Stay kind! 
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