Netan Guegan
Piece of Cake Property Staging
Here at Piece of Cake Property Staging we cannot tell you how special My Store is to us, well actually we can! They supply us with the most exquisite pieces such as Juju hats and home decor. Even better is that if you tell them what you are looking for they go in search of it! Service is 2nd to none, they deliver things so quickly as we are always working to ridiculous deadlines. My Store has got me out of more styling binds than I can count. I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone, be it a lone customer or a business. 


Sasha Hartley:
This is definitely one of the best places for homewares, gifts, fashion and kids/baby items in the Inner West. Steph and Olga have curated lust worthy pieces for your home and gorgeous gifts which they source themselves - so you'll always find something unique. They are always so helpful and help make my home look gorgeous. Plus you can shop their fantastic creations from Gerrycan as well.

Justine, Canberra: 
Just a note to say how impressed i am with the quality of my Boho Beaded Chandelier, Ordered it and received the custom made item within 3 weeks as discussed when placing the order. It was worth the short wait, it is absolutely beautiful, premium quality and a lot more detailed than other stores! Love everything these ladies do! 

Claire Penson- Beaded Chandelier Pendant
'Hi Guys, , It arrived and it's perfect...'

Lynda Proude:
I'd call it My Favourite Store Sydney, I need to go there for dance gear, I want to go there for all the wonderfully unique products they sell and for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The first time Olga fitted my daughter in pointe shoes we knew we'd finally come to the right place as they were the most elegant ones she'd worn. Although Olga now knows my daughter and her feet she still takes the time to do a full fitting each time we need new pointes. And many an eisteddfod morning costume crisis has been solved by a visit to My Store Sydney, if they don't have what I need they always come up with an alternative, often going out of their way to help out.
The kids clothes and dolls are unique and gorgeous, and I don't have to try very hard to find some gorgeous fabulous thing for gifts for friends (ahem me!).
Earlwood shines a little brighter thanks to My Store Sydney and the wonderful staff there.

Tegan Rodham: 
The best local store for amazing gifts and fab clothes. The lovely ladies behind it all Olga and Steph couldn’t be more helpful and know a thing or two about style and amazing quality products!!

Carolyn Mafi:
Fabulous store in the heart of Earlwood, for many years I would buy the girls dance wear and shoes. Now I’m loving the gift and homewares. Always service with a smile from the team!

Julia Cassis:
Wonderful quality for the swimwear I bought under their brand Gerrycan; material doesnt fade or lose elasticity. Great quality clothing; bought a signature T-Shirt and Cap; material is comfortable and easy to wear in the temperamental Australian weather! Very impressed with customer service and love the committed, family environment!