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Where's Stripey

Where's Stripey

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Can you imagine keeping track of thirty small emu chicks who are running here, there and everywhere?  Well, that's what Crikey, their Dad, must do, and when little Stripey goes missing, it sends him on a frantic search from Crusty Creek to Broken Springs and beyond……. Who will help him find his lost chick? Count the chicks, read on and see! 

'Where's Stripey?' is a brilliant new Australian children's picture book. This funny, engagingly written story set in the heart of Australia, features an adventurous emu chick called Stripey. Stunning illustrations and excellent production. 

Already a dual-award winning book, 'Where's Stripey?' has the potential to become a national bestseller. 2 Gold awards embossed on jacket.

Suitable for ages 2 – Adult

Author - Wendy Binks