Collection: Napali Collection


Inspired by one of the world’s most naturally beautiful sites, Napali was born to bring exotic experience to you. From our tropical roots, the famous Hawaiian Garden of Eden, we evolve, harnessing all the goodness from worldly botanical pleasures so that we can share it with you. We take pride in sustainable sourcing, combining the elements and carefully creating candles from desirable locations, with a vision to excite and inspire your senses. We can even collaborate to make products tailored to you for personal or corporate events.

Meticulously handmade in Australia, our exquisite triple scented fragrances are absorbed into luxurious soy and coconut wax to form perfect candles. Individually, each encapsulates a memorable moment of pleasure that simply awaits release. With timeless substance and sophisticated design, the Napali Collection offers a charm that compliments every aspect of contemporary living. This unique appeal - synonymous with our brand, our remarkable story and the industry we represent - is the direct result of what we value most:
top quality products, sourced sustainably with an environmental conscience.

Some say that we don’t just put the ‘style’ in lifestyle, we invoke a transcending experience
that is the essence of ‘life’ itself.