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Why I Make Soap

First of all welcome to MOON, and thanks for checking out the store. My story is, I started to get a lot of dryness and itching on my skin (mostly hands) and as time went by it got worse. I used all sorts of creams etc. but none of it seem to help so I started doing research on what could be causing it. I discovered that the majority of store bought soaps and liquid soaps are not true soap! They are basically synthetic detergent, that can cause all sorts of irritation for your skin. 

So I decided to try and make my own soap using really good natural oils. I wanted to make beautiful lush products, that are handmade, and vegan, as I have always liked the idea of natural beauty and all natural body productsAs the saying goes I kissed a few frogs, made a few terrible batches, but the crazy thing is I was falling in love with making soap! It really felt like meditation. I come from a design background, so the creativity soap making allowed for was so much fun.

I got deeper and deeper into it until I literally had a houseful of soap drying. (I think most soap makers would be nodding in agreement here.) It took a long time, but then my soaps began to not only look and smell beautiful but they also felt beautiful on my skin, and my dry itchy skin condition began to disappear (I have not had that for over a year now).


I started to show my soaps to friends, and people started asking to buy them. Through word of mouth I then begun to get orders and so I decided to set up a website and approach a few stores locally. I feel so excited and happy that people like my soaps. So thanks for checking out the store and keep coming back for more, new soaps. I only use good natural oils, 100% essential oils and skin safe fragrances. All the oils are VEGAN, and of course I do not use any palm oil due to the environmental damage that is causing, and no detergents. 

I am always super excited to hear what you think of my soaps so please get in touch and let me know. I hope you enjoy the soaps as much as I do and as much as I enjoy making them. Good for me, good for you.

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